Investing With Integrity

The Rosseau Group (TRG) is a Toronto-based investment firm focused on private real estate development in select Southern Ontario markets.

Firm Overview

Since its founding in 2013, The Rosseau Group has invested proprietary and third-party capital in real estate development and growth equity opportunities. TRG’s investments are centred around its integrated real estate strategy, investing directly in both real estate and synergistic operating businesses. The firm invests in both long-term income-generating properties and developments with defined exit strategies. Portfolio companies are selected for synergies with existing businesses, excellent long-term growth prospects, and sustainable earnings power.

TRG is actively involved in all stages of the investment process. The firm’s integrated real estate investment system is the only investor-driven, integrated group of companies of its kind. TRG’s financial firm, brokerage, marketing team, creative agency, and developer work synergistically to execute the most efficient real estate developments in the industry.

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The Rosseau Group offers investors the opportunity to participate in one of the few private real estate funds (PREF) in the market: a rare opportunity to deploy capital in a tax-efficient balanced portfolio comprised of directly-managed real estate developments in one of the world’s most profitably and sustainably expanding markets.

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Integrated Real Estate Strategy

As part of its integrated real estate investment strategy, TRG acquires companies that are complementary to its core business. These investment decisions are made in order to ensure the peak performance of our integrated real estate investment strategy.


Investment management firm responsible for project acquisition, capital structure, portfolio / fund management, and project.


Full-service real estate development firm that manages entire projects from acquisition to rezoning to exit.


Provides developers with a data-driven, sales-and-marketing strategy proven to fetch higher prices in shorter time frames.


Established to unify the branding, marketing, strategy, and interior design efforts of TRG’s growing portfolio of real-estate developments.


Long-term owner-operator of hospitality assets integrated into developments.