Acquiring and creating companies is a continuation of our founders’ original investment strategy that predates the establishment of TRG. This platform is highly selective, only considering acquisitions of companies with proven management teams, optimistic growth prospects, and long-term earnings durability. In both acquisitions and the establishment of new businesses, we focus on our Integrated Real Estate Strategy, targeting opportunities that offer an immediate impact on existing businesses and our private equity platform.

Rosseau Development Corp.

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Since its establishment in 2013, The Rosseau Group has invested in, co-managed, and developed a wide range of properties across Southern Ontario.  By 2017, TRG’s portfolio had grown large enough to require expansion of their team resulting in the formation of Rosseau Development Corp (“RDC”).

RDC provide a transparent, bespoke approach to real estate investment, tailoring portfolios to suit the needs of TRG’s investors. Investment opportunities range in size, class, and location. RDC provides investors with the opportunity to invest as debt, mezzanine, or equity; in small one-tenant commercial complexes; in mixed-used high-rise developments with hotel, residential, and commercial components; in lakeside cottage communities, and more.

RDC provides direct access to development projects in a variety of locations – from lakeside enclaves in Muskoka to urban cores in the Greater Toronto Area. In every project, RDC’s strategy is supported by TRG and its sister companies.  Finances are supported by The Rosseau Group Inc; tenants are serviced by Rosseau Properties; and sales and marketing are supported by Liberty Street and The Condo Store.

Rosseau Properties

Rosseau Properties Ltd (“RPL”) was established to hold TRG’s growing portfolio of income-generating properties. RPL acquires properties from third parties, absorbs the commercial components of Rosseau Development Corp’s projects, and manages the assets of TRG’s sister and parent companies.

Rosseau Properties manages several properties across Southern and Central Ontario, including commercial centres and residential rental properties. With prudent use of leverage – serviced and secured by the properties themselves, RPL offer investors the opportunity to create lucrative portfolios that benefit from both the cash flows of the investments and the capital appreciation of the underlying assets.

TRG’s acquisitions team seeks Ontario properties with strong cash flows, strong market positions, and promising capital appreciation prospects.

Rosseau Hospitality

Long-term owner-operator of hospitality assets integrated into RDC developments.

Muskoka Springs

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Muskoka Springs Natural Spring Water Inc. is a diversified beverage service company in Gravenhurst, Ontario. The business was first established in the same location it currently occupies in 1873, making Muskoka Springs one of the oldest continuously-operating companies in Ontario.

From the 1800s into the World War I era, the business focused on bottling and distributing natural spring water to local residents and tourists. For decades, water was bottled in large glass bottles, packed in wooden crates, and transported by horse and steamship all over Muskoka. In the late 1800s, the founders expanded into sparkling, sweetened beverages, such as its well-known Pale Ginger Ale and Stone Ginger Beer.  After World War I, the company became a Coca-Cola bottler, a new focus that became its core business for almost a century.

Today, Muskoka Springs is a full-service ‘market execution partner’ for clients such as Coca-Cola, providing sales and logistics services across Central Ontario. It also provides private label water products for clients across the province.  However, the company is best known for its Muskoka Springs branded products. Muskoka Springs markets premium products including natural spring water, craft beverages, maple syrup, clothing, and merchandise.  Muskoka Springs products are available at large-format and specialty retailers across Ontario and abroad.


TRG’s affiliates are synergistic sales firms with common ownership whose establishments predate TRG’s. Most preconstruction condominium buyers are investors. Our sales firms, like TRG itself, are investor-focused. The aligned incentives, synergies, and efficiencies that our firms generate provide investors with superior returns, outperforming our competitors. Our collaboration sets us apart.

TCS Marketing Systems

Sales & Marketing
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TCS Marketing Systems is Canada’s premier sales advisory group that works collaboratively with developers to build exceptional value for their pre-construction projects.

The Condo Store

Preconstruction Sales
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TCS has operated for over 20 years, working with Canada’s most reputable developers. TCS represents the largest pre-construction condominium investor syndicate in Canada.

Integrated Real Estate Strategy

As part of its integrated real estate investment strategy, TRG acquires companies that are complementary to its core business. These investment decisions are made in order to ensure the peak performance of our integrated real estate investment strategy.


Investment management firm responsible for project acquisition, capital structure, portfolio / fund management, and project.


Full-service real estate development firm that manages entire projects from acquisition to rezoning to exit.


Provides developers with a data-driven, sales-and-marketing strategy proven to fetch higher prices in shorter time frames.


Established to unify the branding, marketing, strategy, and interior design efforts of TRG’s growing portfolio of real-estate developments.


Long-term owner-operator of hospitality assets integrated into developments.