About Us

The Rosseau Group team has deep operating experience across several industries including real estate, healthcare, technology, marketing, asset management, private wealth management, and investment banking. TRG’S combined experience in multinational corporations and entrepreneurial ventures provides multiple perspectives for analyzing investments. The TRG leadership team’s entrepreneurial spirit opens the door to creative opportunities overlooked by more rigid firms. TRG’s institutional approach ensures all investments support appropriate risk-return ratios. With decades of combined experience building companies and managing assets, TRG has created a unique approach to real estate investing.

Our Name

The Rosseau Group is a family company, founded by cousins Scott Moffat and John Mehlenbacher. Scott and John don’t share a last name, but they do share a lake: Lake Rosseau.

The two have been enjoying Lake Rosseau together since the 1980s. Scott’s family first settled in Muskoka in the early 1900s. John grew up with Scott at his parents’ cottage on Lake Rosseau. Today, their cottages – only two miles apart – are the central gathering spots for friends and family scattered across the continent.

Lakes are the epitome of Canadian culture. Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined. From urban skylines to mountainous glacial pools, Canada has enough freshwater shoreline for every guest and citizen to enjoy. Lakes bring people together. They represent history, stability, and peace of mind.

Our firm was designed to bring people together and provide a permanent home for companies, properties, and people. Part of TRG’s enduring business strategy is to help others experience the lakeside feeling the founders cherish. From the outset, TRG has helped people taste, visit, and live on the lake. Muskoka Springs enables people to bring a bit of Muskoka with them wherever they go. Our real estate businesses provide guests and residents with sunsets over the water from Lake Rosseau to Lake Ontario.

When TRG was established, the founders wanted a name that would reflect our strategy and the level of calm regularly experienced on the lake. Thus, the firm was named after the most inspiring symbol: Lake Rosseau.

Investment Strategy

TRG’s investment process is rigorous. We actively source deals from a vast network of landowners, agents, brokerages, investors, developers, and others. In addition, we are presented with hundreds of opportunities per year. All opportunities are vetted by the acquisitions team. The most attractive investments enter a formal diligence period. Diligence requires formal input and recommendations from each of our companies. Only the most attractive deals are presented to the investment committee. Ultimately, we invest in 2-3% of the opportunities we see.

Our Team

Scott Moffat


Scott oversees capital allocation, portfolio management, and business strategy, chairing the board of directors and the investment committee.
John Mehlenbacher


John oversees real estate acquisitions, dispositions, and unit sales. He sits on the board of directors and investment committee.
Robert Stabile


Robert oversees the finance and accounting departments for the entire group of companies.
Bogdan Mateescu


Bogdan primarily focuses on the investment process at TRG, performing financial analysis and modelling on potential acquisitions, dispositions, and existing operations.
John Fraser


John primarily focuses on investor relations and general operations for the company and underlying assets.
Alisha Chopra

Financial Accountant

Alisha manages accounting and financial operations as a Financial Accountant at TRG.
Jemisha Sutariya

Senior Project Accountant

Jemisha oversees full-cycle accounting and financial reporting for all construction and development projects.